Meadow Home

Meadow Home

This project marked a huge growth for us when we took it on in 2017. Before this time we had never worked on such a large property, and we still look back with pride. Work started early, with Onyx doing the excavation work for the contractor.

The homeowners chose a beautiful spot in the meadows of Concord and wanted their landscaping to match seamlessly with the area. We constructed a newly paved driveway, new entry, and side walkways around the home leading to a large rear terrace, bluestone retaining walls, and “floating” bluestone paver walkways over two all-season reflecting pools.

Environmental Pools did an excellent job of installing the pools which required a huge attention to detail. Work also included a new studio garden and granite paving. We planted a significant amount of new mature plantings across the property to transform it into the homeowner’s own corner of Concord’s meadows. Though this project is long completed, we continue to do landscape maintenance for these clients to this day.

The Landscape Architect for this project was Horiuchi+Solien, located in Falmouth, Massachusetts. Their vision and expertise were imperative on this project.



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