City Escape

City Escape

One challenge about this property is that the town line of Boston runs through it – the house address is in Brookline, however a section of the property is considered to be in the town of Boston. This created some challenges regarding permitting since we had to facilitate permits from 2 different town offices. Eric Rains is the landscape architect for this project, he worked closely with the clients on this design to ensure their vision. Onyx engaged Marquis Tree Services to remove a number of trees onsite to make way for the new driveway extension. This site is situated on a significant amount of ledge, Onyx began onsite hammering ledge in areas for the new driveway and retaining wall.

The design consists of a new extended driveway, cobble edging and parking court, stone entry piers, engineered stone retaining wall, front courtyard and dry-stack walls, new grill station and hardscape in rear. New fencing is also proposed around the perimeter of the property, and custom sliding driveway entry gates.



English garden



retaining walls

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